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Orha Művek Kft

Az Orha Művek Kft. végzi a napelemek tartószerkezeteinek gyártását, és kiegészítő tevékenységként ipari csarnokok acélszerkezetének gyártását.

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Orha Automotive Kft

Az Orha Automotive Kft. a precíziós csövek, rúdanyagok feldolgozását és lemezek vágását, marását, megmunkálását végzi.

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Key services

Client reviews

Successful cooperation

We have only worked together on one project so far, but I trust that there will be successful future collaborations.
Project leader O-Nádor Kft.

Our company is fully satisfied

Our company was fully satisfied with the performance of our most recent order. Both the price and the delivery were provided as negotiated – on the agreed date and according to the promised terms and conditions. We hope that we will continue to be satisfied with their work in the future and the cooperation between our companies will be a successful one.
Managing Director Rafi és Rafi Kft.

Precise and punctual cooperation

Their quotes arrive on time, and following the placement of the order, the quality and quantity of the delivered goods are exactly as specified in the order. Thank you for your precise and punctual cooperation.
Managing Director D-Gesztor Bau Kft.

Communication is excellent!

Price level was in accordance with market prices, and based on the local conditions, it is good and competitive! The inventory and its availability is completely satisfactory. It might be a good idea to expand for smaller profiles (hollow sections, tubes), but you know if it is economically feasible! Procurement time (if the product is not on hand) is easy to plan and schedule, and thus excellent. Communication is excellent!
Managing Director Nyír Fém Bau Kft.

Accuracy and proficiency

They performed their work expertly and accurately. The tasks were finished before the deadline. Flaws were rectified in time based on the warranty claims. We see nothing that would stand in the way of future cooperation.
Technical Manager S-Line 2005 Kft.

Understanding, fair-dealing partner

Our company ordered from Orhaművek kft. the manufacture of the steel structure for a waste sorting and composting facility at Békéscsaba. The 60-tonne truss structure was manufactured flawlessly, in accordance with the product designs; we had no problems during the installation of the structure. We were also satisfied with the aesthetics of the product, and the quality of the undercoat was appropriate as well. Though we had not set a strict manufacturing deadline, everything was delivered according to the schedule in the contract. We were particularly happy that the manufacturer was an understanding and fair partner, even when there were some issues with the financial settlement as a result of some delays in the on-site works.
Managing Director B-SYSTEM KFT.

We consider their company to be a strategic partner

We have been working with Orha Művek for years in connection with the manufacture of material handling systems and steel structures. They manufactured steel structures for many of our projects. Several of them were performed for major companies. RUUKKI-Holic, Thyssen Krupp Presta Győr, AUDI Győr, SKODA Mlade Boleslav. Their products are characterised by excellent quality and manufacturing precision, all at a competitive price level. We consider their company to be a strategic partner among our suppliers.
Managing Director Emapot Team Kft

Best of the suppliers

We have ordered Lindab “Z” 200 roof purlins from you on several occasions for more than ten halls altogether. We were satisfied with the quality, the speed of the manufacturing and the documentation of the orders. The price of the product purchased is the best of any supplier; financial settlement can be performed by bank transfer within 30 days. We plan to keep purchasing from you in the future and are working on expanding the cooperation between our two companies.
Project leader Bauszer Kft.

First-class quality

The products sold are of first-class quality. The prices are reasonable and delivery time is punctual. We are satisfied with the work of our contact person, Gábor Deák, who was eager to help, up to date and always available. Conformity certificates were available at no extra cost, and they were appropriate both in terms of content and appearance.
Chief clerk Berger-Dinamik Kft.

We are completely satisfied

We are completely satisfied with our cooperation. Communication via both telephone and email was always satisfactory. The delivery was always performed as agreed. We consider the payment agreement to be fair and reasonable.
Managing Director Ferró Termék Kft.

We didn’t experience any problems

We are satisfied with the work you performed. We didn’t experience any problems during assembly.
Managing Director KÁTA ÉPSZÖV Kft.

I got what I asked for

After requesting a quote, I received a fair and competitive one within a very short time. The material I received was exactly of the amount and quantity that we had agreed on. They provided a high-standard service. I am completely satisfied. Thank you very much for your collaboration so far, and looking forward to continuing.
Managing Director Fémszer Kft.

Years of professional experience

Since the company has years of professional experience and a group of good experts working together, the purchase of materials and the provision of services are flexible. Their prices are competitive, and since our relationship goes back several years, they offer favourable terms.
managing director Kállvas-Trade Kft

Flawless dimensional accuracy

The steel structure was manufactured in full compliance with the product designs provided by our company, with flawless dimensional accuracy and to top standards of quality. They met the short manufacturing deadline agreed upon, to the day. The smaller modifications we requested during the process were handled in a flexible manner. I would like to thank them for their quick and precise work.
Managing Director Eger "kas" Kft.

Top level customer communication

I am completely satisfied with our business relationship so far. (Personal meeting, customer communication, etc.)
Lavati Zrt.

On schedule, excellent quality

The Company performed the manufacture of a good quality steel secondary support structure, on schedule and for a favourable price. They were flexible in handling the modifications and additions brought by the designer and others, thus ensuring that construction continued uninterrupted.
Technical Manager Sole Mizo projekt, Hexasteel Kft.

Met the expectations

Thank you for the opportunity to share a few words about my experiences concerning our first job together. During the preparations, it wasn’t really discussed or specified that we would like to receive the ordered materials from our supplier partner following a schedule. Of course it wasn’t a large quantity, so we received the first truckload of material all at once, which we stored at our premises for two months. The quality of the materials met our expectations and the pricing was in line with our agreement. The truck arrived at the time specified and our meetings went smoothly. The communication was good between our companies.
Supply Manager Gráf Állványzat Kft.

Turnkey product in 2.5 months

My highly experienced technical inspector had never seen such quick and well-organised work, and he has seen a lot. Even I couldn’t believe the speed. As a result, I was behind schedule with purchasing the machinery and selecting the facing materials, which slowed the construction down a bit. The building was delivered in a turnkey state in 2.5 months (from March 16, when the first column was erected, to May 30). This is exceptionally good performance with quality materials and work. I can certainly recommend them.
Managing Director Szabó Suzuki - Mazda

We are completely satisfied with your team!

1.) They responded quickly to our request for a quote 2.) They met the deadlines agreed upon for orders and deliveries; the truck drivers forgot to notify us on time of their arrival (which would have made unloading go more smoothly), but this was not your fault. 3.) Whatever information we request from you, we receive an immediate and up-to-date answer. I would like to see more of our suppliers treat their partners in such a positive, up-to-date and dynamic manner. We are completely satisfied with your team!
Supply Manager Modus Operandi Kft.

Quick, precise and understandable

Our company purchased purlins, screws and bolts from Orha Művek Kft., and we have the following experiences regarding this: Customer service and the preparation of the quote was quick, precise and understandable, and we were able to order the purlins and the related screws and bolts listed in the quote. By the agreed upon time, the products we ordered were available to us in transportable condition, ready to be loaded. Based on our cooperation so far, Orha Művek Kft. have met our expectations regarding both the services and the quality of the products. We continue to count on their constructive cooperation.
Managing Director GépAlk 2005 Kft.

Within 24 hours

I have only had positive experiences with your services. If I request a quote, it arrives as promised within 24 hours. When I place an order, I can pick up the goods in a day or two, regardless of the volume. This makes it easy to plan my work.
Managing Director Ferropol-Bau Kft.